Make a quilt, solve a murder!

Join us for our sixth Murder & Mayhem Murder Mystery Quilt BOM for 2024 —

Last Resort

This year we’re back in Woodland Park, CO, with our intrepid Woodland Park Homicide Detectives, Dominic Bridger and Greg Jackson.


When Woodland Park Police Department Homicide Detective Dominic Bridger is called out in the middle of the night to an execution-style murder, he and his partner, Greg Jackson, find themselves in the middle of the most complicated crime scene of their careers.  Nothing seems to make sense and all of their potential suspects have ironclad alibis.  Just when they fear they may never get a break, one comes from an unexpected direction.  Now they are trying to keep track of the clues in a game where there are no rules and anything goes.

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What is a murder mystery quilt?

A murder mystery quilt is a traditional mystery quilt where you don’t see the overall design until the end. I’m sure you’ve encountered mystery quilts before. But a murder mystery quilt is the best of two worlds — it combines the love of quilting with the love of reading a really good murder mystery story!

Each month, you’ll receive block instructions for that month’s quilt block along with a chapter of the original, exclusive murder mystery. At the end of the project, you’ll have made new friends, read an original murder mystery, made a gorgeous quilt, and know whodunit!

How much does it cost and what do i get for my money??

$90.00 for a year’s membership — or $9.00/month.  Join anytime.  All previous month’s chapters and block sewing instructions will be available to you… Your membership runs through the end of 2024.

You get the chance to read a really good original murder mystery that is offered only through this website.  Quilt blocks that were specially designed to support the murder mystery.  A fabric list and sewing instructions to complete each block of the quilt.  Pictorial tutorials of each block.  And, you can always email me (Cindy) for help if needed.  I will always write back to you.


What our past participants have said about our previous Murder and Mayhem Murder Mystery Quilts—

  • Are you going to do this next year?  I would like to do it again, if possible.  I have enjoyed this very much and hope to continue.  Jackie P.
  • I just finished block 1! Fun and easy. Great instructions, too. Thank you! And for the 1st chapter of the mystery. This is going to be fun! Lorri U.
  • Never did appliqué like this before. Very different but I love it!! Gina K.
  • Thank you! I’m enjoying the mystery and the quilt! Muriel M.
  • I am very excited about doing it. I drool every time I look at the quilt and each time I see the new patterns. Joleen W.
  • I received my second block. I am very impressed with it. Roslyn F.
  • Thank you for making me so happy. I can’t say enough good things about the excellent customer service I’ve been getting. Belinda C.
  • I can’t wait to finish this quilt, and the story, I am definitely hooked! This by far is money worth spending!! Thanks and I look forward to receiving the other blocks… Liz V.

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