Make a quilt, solve a murder!

Join us for our fifth Murder & Mayhem Murder Mystery Quilt BOM for 2023 —

Dead Man’s Switch

We’re back in Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.


 “If you have received this letter, I am already dead.” 

Homicide Detective Dmitri Trevesani of the Sequim, Washington, Police Department is enjoying a rare day off when a courier shows up at his family’s restaurant with a letter from a man he’s never heard of, announcing his own death. 

“I didn’t kill myself.” 

Inside the envelope with the letter is a series of photos and an index card with a website address, username, and password written on it in block letters. At first glance, it appears to be a treasure hunt. But the more Dmitri studies the strange contents of the envelope, the more he realizes that a murder may have taken place and he is expected to solve it. 

What follows is a race against time as Dmitri and his partner, Homicide Detective Tom Jones, try to find a possible murder victim, and a killer who is not what he seems.

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2023 Murder and Mayhem Murder Mystery Quilt Subscription
2023 Murder and Mayhem Murder Mystery Quilt Subscription
You will receive a chapter of the murder mystery and the sewing instructions for a block of the mystery quilt each month for exactly one year. $9.00 USD will be directly debited from your account each month for 12 months. Cancel at any time through PayPal.
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What is a murder mystery quilt?

A murder mystery quilt is a traditional mystery quilt where you don’t see the overall design until the end. I’m sure you’ve encountered mystery quilts before. But a murder mystery quilt is the best of two worlds — it combines the love of quilting with the love of reading a really good murder mystery story!

Each month, you’ll receive block instructions for that month’s quilt block along with a chapter of the original, exclusive murder mystery. At the end of the project, you’ll have made new friends, read an original murder mystery, made a gorgeous quilt, and know whodunit!

How much does it cost and what do i get for my money??

$90.00 for a year’s membership — or $9.00/month.  Join anytime.  All previous month’s chapters and block sewing instructions will be available to you… Your membership runs through the end of 2022.

You get the chance to read a really good original murder mystery that is offered only through this website.  Quilt blocks that were specially designed to support the murder mystery.  A fabric list and sewing instructions to complete each block of the quilt.  Pictorial tutorials of each block.  And, you can always email me (Cindy) for help if needed.  I will always write back to you.


What our past participants have said about our previous Murder and Mayhem Murder Mystery Quilts—

  • I just finished block 1! Fun and easy. Great instructions, too. Thank you! And for the 1st chapter of the mystery. This is going to be fun! Lorri U.
  • Never did appliqué like this before. Very different but I love it!! Gina K.
  • Thank you! I’m enjoying the mystery and the quilt! Muriel M.
  • I am very excited about doing it. I drool every time I look at the quilt and each time I see the new patterns. Joleen W.
  • I received my second block. I am very impressed with it. Roslyn F.
  • Thank you for making me so happy. I can’t say enough good things about the excellent customer service I’ve been getting. Belinda C.
  • I can’t wait to finish this quilt, and the story, I am definitely hooked! This by far is money worth spending!! Thanks and I look forward to receiving the other blocks… Liz V.
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